Broken laptop? Networking solution?

From a family members broken laptop, to full fledged networking solutions.

We try and aim to help a business of any size expand; but yet that isn't all we do. We also have services and products available for consumers of all kinds. From buying your best friend a laptop, to getting an employee a workstation.

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Providing solutions, retail and products

For average consumers and businesses

Bar Technology strives to give consumers and businesses affordable but great solutions. We can source and deliver a ink cartridge, to giving you a website, email, work domain, and more.

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Who are we

About us

Bar Technology has been running for a year, helping consumers and businesses grow in the land of IT. We created our-selves so small businesses could afford IT solutions to grow, this means virtulisation and the push to the cloud. On top of that we offer most our services to consumers if they wish to order hardware on a discounted price. We strive to make it easier for businesses and consumers.

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Selling hardware and software for all

Selling new and used hardware

Second-hand, brand new and refurbished - we offer hardware for the average consumer and businesses. We can get cheap enterprise hardware and we can even install it for you!

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