About us

We are a small business who wants to grow by helping other businesses - we have been bringing solutions to whoever needs IT support for over a year now. Bar Technology offers solutions aimed at businesses and average consumers on-site, via the internet and by dropping off equiptment. We aim to keep supporting people and businesses for the forseeable future and hope to expand.

Where are we

We have a office located in London, and our staff and onsite resources are in Ashton, and Stalybridge - and we can deploy anywhere in Manchester. Not near Manchester? Don't worry, because we can accept remote jobs and support you via the internet - as well as you being able to mail devices to us to repair and we can send them back!

Who are we

We are a small business ran by 3 people, with staff on standby for when we expand. We made our business about 3 years ago as a sole trader, but then stopped soon after. We then grew our staff (including staff on standby). We have now returned as a limited business, willing to help you with your IT needs from replacing a screen to helping you find you place in the cloud!